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John Everett Reckel

Marilyn Kay (Ernest) Reckel

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The 4 main branches of John's family tree
Paternal - Reckel/Cook
Maternal - O'Hair/Sutherlin

If you are here looking for the book
"The Michael O'Hair Family"  (printed 1957)
             by Virginia Brann, click the link.

If you are here looking for the book
"Michael O'Hair, Soldier of the Revolution"  (printed 1971)
             by K. R. O'Hair, click the link.

If you are here looking for the book
"SUTHERLAND’S AND THEIR TANGLED BRANCHES"  (printed about 1984)   Coming soon, I'm working on this. 
             by Robert J. Walsh, click the link.

You can reach John at John E. Reckel.                     


The 4 main branches of Marilyn's family tree
Paternal - Ernest/Mascher
Maternal - Foggett/Haley

You can reach John at John E. Reckel.

You can reach Marilyn at Marilyn K. Reckel.

My mother Dorothy Louise (O'Hair) (Reckel) Heyse provided me with sources for O'Hair and Sutherlin.  Just recently, Harry T. Sutherlin, genealogist extraordinaire, has shared with me his life's work with the Southerland/Sutherlin family.  It has been incorporated in my presentation of the Sutherlin family genealogy.

I found a letter from Virginia Jaross that outlined the Cook family.  She died some years back, but I hope to get in contact with her sister in Oregon.  In the meanwhile, I found a match in the World Family Tree and downloaded 275+ individuals.

I developed the Reckel family tree by digging into baptism, marriage, census, and burial records at St. Joseph Cemetery and Holy Cross Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.   Some of the information came from census and other information gathered from the internet.

Wheat family information is to be provided by     Luke D. Wheat son of Chadd, my #1 son-in-law who should particularly be held up to ridicule and abuse until the requested information is received.  His unworthy brother, Brent, should collect any spatter that escapes Chadd's gravitational pull.

Winkler family information is to be provided by   Karen M. Winkler.  Her husband, Steve, my #2 son-in-law, is much-loved by man and beast and should be held blameless in all aspects, both real and contrived.  May angels bear him up lest he should stub his toe.

Baker family information is to be provided by      Angella BakerChris Baker should be held up to the vilest of derision until he provides his lovely and talented wife, my daughter, Angie with the needed Baker information.

Canaday family information is to be provided by  Angella BakerTommy Canaday, ex-#3 son-in-law (a world-renowned fisherman and deer slayer, and an intrepid guide extraordinaire who has promised, but never delivered, a grand bear hunting trip to his most deserving ex-father-in-law), shall receive a voodoo curse which will keep fish un-hungry and deer sleeping until long after dark until said information is delivered to my most grand grandson, John Lewis Canaday.

All other family information is to be provided by   John E. Reckel.

Note that this web site is and will remain under construction for the foreseeable future. 

As I uncover new information I will make the changes here.