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Cook Tree

Webmaster note: The first 6 generations of this genealogy were taken from a letter from Virginia Jaross to Clara (Reckel) Smyser.  Virginia died in the 1980's.   I have tried to reach her sister, but have been unsuccessful.  I reached her daughter-in-law, but she has not yet followed up on my inquiries.

I later found a World Family Tree that exactly matched what I had gotten from Virginia's letters.  I merged that information into this tree.

Descendants of Peter Cook

Generation No. 1 - 2


1.  PETER1 COOK1 was born Abt. 1675 in Tarvin, Cheshire, England1, and died 1713 in at sea1.  He married ELINOR NORMAN1 October 07, 1695 in Newton, Cheshire, England2,3.  She was born February 02, 1673 in Kingsley, Spinster, England3, and died Abt. 17263.


Notes for PETER COOK:

Peter Cooke of Tarvin, Cheshire, England, "and Elinor Norman of Kingsley in ye sd County Soinster having declared their intentions of marriage before severall publick meetings of the People of God called Quakers in afored County", were married 10 mo. (called December) 7, 1695, "in their Publick Meeting Place at Newton in the afore s'd County of Ches'r. Among the thirty-two witnesses to this marriage was John Cooke. (The parts in quotation marks was taken from No. 219. Marriage Register of Cheshire and Stradfordshire Quarterly Meeting of the Society of Friends, General Register Office, Somerset House,

London, England.)


The minutes of Frandly Monthly Meeting, Cheshire, show that, 1 mo., 3, 1713, "Peter Cooke having proposed his intentions of removing himself & family to Pennsylvania & friends consenting thereto ** desire friends of frandly meeting to draw & sign them a certificate if need require before the next meeting."


The next meeting was held 1 mo. 31, 1713, but there is no further mention of the certificate, although it must have been signed about this time.


The records of this meeting show that Peter Cooke was a very poor man, and he was given some assistance to make the journey to Pennsylvania with his large family. They must have embarked very near this time, for we find in the burial records of Philadelphia M. Meg., the following entry, dated 5 mo. 25, 1713: "Samuel Cook, sone of ____ Cook who died at sea & Elinor his wife."


From this entry we learn the approximate date of arrival, the fact that they arrived at Philadelphia, and the fact that Peter Cooke left England, but that he died at sea. (Family News, Norfolk, Virginia, under date of November, 1903, by Allen M. Cook #358461, Vol.1, No. 1)


Book on file at Salt Lake City Library - Cook/Kenneth P. Darling by Kenneth P. Darling

Descendents lived in Pennsylvania, The Carolinas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, California and elsewhere.


Fiche #6017351 LDS Genealogical libraries


More About PETER COOK:

Occupation: Blacksmith3

Residence: January 03, 1713, Moved family to Philadelphia, PA3





Elinor Norman Cook was a true pioneer. She left her home in England to board a ship headed for the American Colonies in 1713. With her was her husband and 7 children ranging in age from 2 years to 17 years of age.


During their crossing of the Atlantic, her husband Peter Cook died, leaving her and the children to reach the American Colonies and start a new life without him.


Records show that they were in Philadelphia, PA shortly after they came to America. Dates indicate that her youngest son Samuel died shortly after their arrival in America. From there our information shows the children in Warrington, York, PA, London Grove, and South Carolina as late as 1784.


At a meeting of the Commissioners of Property, at Philadelphia, "7th 8br (October), 1713," there was "Granted to Elinor Cook, a poor widow, lately arrived from England," 100 acres of land in Chester Co.


At Chester M. Mtgl. held at Providence (now Delaware Co., Pa.) 1 mo. 29, 1714, the widow Elinor Cook, produced a "certificate from frandly months meeting in ould England."


She was married again in that year (1714) to John Fincher, a widower, with several children. He was the son of Francis and Mary Fincher, Friends, who came to Philadelphia in 1683. This marriage was authorized by Chester M. Mtg., 8 mo. 30, 1714, and a committee was "appointed to See that the Estate of Said Elinor Cooks Children be secured to them before marriage." 7,27,1714, the marriage was reported accomplished, and the "Children's portions are secured."


They lived in Unchlan township till the spring of 1716, when they moved to London Grove, in Chester Co., PA, and settled on a tract of 300 acres of land which was deeded to John Fincher, 13th and 14th of March, 1722, by Fobins Collett & Co.


John and Elinor were both active members of Friends Meeting. They removed their certificates of membership to Neward M. Mtg., in 1716, and in 1718 when New Garden M. Mtg. (Chester Co., PA) was established they became members of that meeting.


Elinor had no children by her second husband. The last mention of her is found in 1726, and the date of her death is not known.


John Fincher was the father of Elizabeth Fincher, who was the first wife of Thomas Cox. After the death of Elizabeth, Tomas Cox married Mark Cook #8.


(Family News, Norfold, VA, November, 1903, by Allen M. Cook #358461, Vol.1, No.1)


Research Notes -

Research records at Orphans Court at county seat (Chester County?) in Pennsylvania. Since husband died at sea there are probably records here.



Religion: 1713, Left England to come to America3

Residence: 1714, Left PA with her children to move to London Grove, PA3



Marriage: October 07, 1695, Newton, Cheshire, England4,5


Children of PETER COOK and ELINOR NORMAN are:

2.                 i.    JOHN2 COOK, b. July 12, 1696, Tarvin, Cheshire, England; d. Bet. December 27, 1758 - March 15, 1979, Londongrove, PA (December 27, 1758 will written;March 15, 1759 will probated).

                   ii.    MARY COOK5, b. September 12, 1698, Tarvin, Cheshire, England5; d. November 09, 1700, Tarvin, Cheshire, England5.

3.              iii.    PETER COOK, b. October 04, 1700, Norwich, Norfolk, England; d. April 28, 1779, Warrington, York, PA.

4.               iv.    ISAAC COOK, b. October 18, 1702, Norwich, Cheshire, England.

                    v.    ABRAHAM COOK5, b. August 29, 1704, Tarvin, Cheshire, England5; d. September 14, 1704, Tarvin, Cheshire, England5.



Twin: Thomas Cook5


5.               vi.    THOMAS COOK, b. August 29, 1704, Norwich, Cheshire, England; d. 1752, London Grove, York, PA.

                 vii.    ELINOR COOK5, b. March 22, 1707, Norwich, Cheshire, England6,7; m. THOMAS GRINDALL7, January 25, 1731, Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, New Castle Co.,  DE7.



Marriage: January 25, 1731, Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, New Castle Co.,  DE7


6.             viii.    MARY COOK, b. March 22, 1709, Tarvin, Cheshire, England; d. January 17, 1784, Craven, Union Co, SC.

                  ix.    SAMUEL COOK7, b. February 23, 1712, Norwich, Cheshire, England7; d. May 26, 1713, Philadelphia, PA; shortly after arriving in America7.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOHN2 COOK (PETER1)7 was born July 12, 1696 in Tarvin, Cheshire, England7, and died Bet. December 27, 1758 - March 15, 1979 in Londongrove, PA (December 27, 1758 will written;March 15, 1759 will probated)8,9.  He married ELINOR LANDSDALE9 October 06, 1718 in Kennett MM, Chester Co, PA9.  She was born Abt. 16969.


Notes for JOHN COOK:



John Cook purchased a tract of land in London Grove, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, and built a log house, 20 x 30 with three rooms. This house had a large chimney, with an open fireplace, so that four foot wood could be burned in it. Later a stone addition was added to the other. By his will in 1758, the stone house was left for the widow, during her lifetime. His son, Stephen, was to care for his mother, as long as she lived. The old house was torn down in 1858. (From the records of Harmon Cook and is believed to have been copied from the American Friend.)


       John and Peter remained in Pennsylvania and many of their descendants are still to be found in Chester, Lancaster, York and Adams counties, besides many scattered in other western counties. Many are not scattered over the western states, some even do not know that their ancestors came from Pennsylvania, being able to go no further back than to the early settlement of Ohio.



COOK, JOHN.  Londongrove.

          December 27, 1758.  March 15, 1759.

          Provides for wife Elinor.  To son John 4.  To daughter Mary Pyle 4.

          To daughter Margaret Johnson 4.  To daughter Hannah Brabston 4.  To

          daughter Phebe Plummer 4.  To son Stephen plantation I now live on and

          all remainder of personal estate subject to legacies. Executors:  Wife

          and son Stephen. Letters to Stephen, the other being absent.

          Witnesses:  John Pusey, Isaac Jackson, Dinah Cook.   -- The Wills of Chester Co, PA, 1748 - 1766 as seen at



Marriage: October 06, 1718, Kennett MM, Chester Co, PA9



7.                 i.    MARY3 COOK, b. Abt. 1719, Chester Co., PA.

8.                ii.    MARGARET COOK, b. Abt. 1721, Chester Co., PA; d. March 01, 1781, Guilford, NC.

                  iii.    JOHN COOK9, b. Abt. 17239; m. REBECKAH KIRK9, April 13, 1752, at E Nottingham MH, PA10,11; b. , of W Nottingham Twp, Chester Co, PA12,13.


Notes for JOHN COOK:



prcf New Garden MM, PA showing himself clear to married; (Note: John Cook Sr, above, married Elinor Landsell, 1718, at Newark Mtg, PA, now called Kennett MM. WWH)-- Maryland Quaker Records: Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Cecil County; Book F - 1808-1836





Rebeckah (Kirk) Cook, rem with her husband, gct New Garden MM, PA 15-8-1752 (Maryland Quaker Records: Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Cecil County; Book F - 1808-1836)



Marriage: April 13, 1752, at E Nottingham MH, PA14,15


9.               iv.    STEPHEN COOK, b. Abt. 1730, Chester Co., PA; d. March 08, 1818.

                    v.    PETER COOK15, b. Abt. 173115.

                  vi.    PHEBE COOK15, b. Abt. 173215; m. PLUMMER15.

                 vii.    HANNAH COOK15, b. Abt. 173515; m. BRABSTON15.



3.  PETER2 COOK (PETER1)15 was born October 04, 1700 in Norwich, Norfolk, England16,17, and died April 28, 1779 in Warrington, York, PA18,19.  He married SARAH GILPIN19 November 28, 1730 in Concord MM; PA20,21.  She was born June 02, 1706 in Birmingham, Chester Co, PA22,23,24, and died June 07, 1783 in Warrington, York, PA25,26.


Notes for PETER COOK:



In 1745 in Warrington, York Co., PA, he contributed 1s 6d to help establish the Warrington Monthly Meeting.


The following inscription is on his tombstone near Wellsville, Pennsylvania:


"Pet. C. (Peter Cook, son of Peter and Elinor (Norman) Cook) born 10 m. 4, 1700 at Northwich, Cheshire, England; came with parents to Penn. in 1713. d. 4 mo. 28, 1779"


John and Peter remained in Pennsylvania and many of their descendants are still to be found in Chester, Lancaster, York and Adams counties, besides many scattered in other western counties. But many are now scattered over the Western states, some even do not know that their ancestors came from Pennsylvania, being able to go no further back than to the early settlement of Ohio.


More About PETER COOK:

Burial: Near Wellsville, PA26



Marriage: November 28, 1730, Concord MM; PA27,28


Children of PETER COOK and SARAH GILPIN are:

10.               i.    JOSEPH3 COOK, b. October 12, 1731, Warrington, York, PA (12 8 m, 1731).

                   ii.    RUTH COOK28, b. February 24, 1732, Warrington, York, PA (24-12mo (Feb) 1732/3 OS)29,30; d. June 27, 1733, Warrington, York, PA30.

                  iii.    LYDIA COOK30, b. October 15, 1734, Warrington, York, PA (15- 8mo (Oct) 1734 OS )31,32; d. October 15, 1741, Warrington, York, PA (15- 8mo (Oct) 1741)32.

                  iv.    HANNAH COOK32, b. June 02, 1736, Warrington, York, PA (27- 4mo (June)1736 OS)33,34; d. 1806, Warrington, York, PA34; m. WILLIAM NEVITT34, October 05, 175335,36; b. 1719, Ireland36; d. August 15, 1800, Warrington, York, PA36.





William and Hannah (Cook) Nevitt had no children.



Religion: 1751, Came from Leinster Province, Ireland to America36



Marriage: October 05, 175337,38


11.              v.    SAMUEL COOK, b. December 15, 1739, Warrington, York, PA (15-10mo (Dec) 1738 OS ); d. August 10, 1800, Warrington, York, PA.

                  vi.    ANN COOK38, b. December 20, 1741, Warrington MM; York, PA (20-10mo (Dec) 1741 OS)38; d. February 12, 1784, Warrington MM; York, PA38.

                 vii.    GEORGE COOK38, b. December 27, 1743, Warrington MM; York, PA (27-10mo (Dec) 1743)39,40; d. Died when young41,42.

12.          viii.    JESSE COOK, b. November 15, 1744, Warrington ; York, PA ( 15- 9mo (Nov) 1744 ); d. August 18, 1818, Carroll, York, PA.

                  ix.    SARAH COOK42, b. November 29, 1747, Warrington, York, PA (29- 9mo (Nov) 1747 OS)43,44; d. June 15, 1807, York Co., PA (15- 6mo (June)1807)44; m. ROBERT VALE44, April 14, 1774, Warrington MM, York, PA44; b. Abt. 174744.



Marriage: April 14, 1774, Warrington MM, York, PA44


                   x.    PETER COOK, JR.44, b. November 29, 1747, Warrington ; York, PA ( 29- 9mo (Nov) 1747 )45,46.



4.  ISAAC2 COOK (PETER1)46 was born October 18, 1702 in Norwich, Cheshire, England46.  He married MARY HOUGHTON46 March 22, 1734 in Kennett MM; Chester Co., PA46.  She was born Abt. 171246, and died July 08, 177346.


Notes for ISAAC COOK:




          Mary Houghton       dt John & Ann Gregg Dixon Houghton

                              m   1734 Isaac Cook, s Peter & Elinor (Norman) Cook

                              Isaac & Mary Cook lived in Chester & York Counties but

                              finally settled in North Carolina



Marriage: March 22, 1734, Kennett MM; Chester Co., PA46


Children of ISAAC COOK and MARY HOUGHTON are:

                    i.    PETER3 COOK46, b. 173546.

13.             ii.    DINAH COOK, b. 1737, Chester Co., PA; d. March 11, 1821, Ohio.

                  iii.    OLIVE COOK46, b. 173946.

14.             iv.    ELI COOK, b. 1741, Pennsylvania; d. June 11, 1828, Bush River MM; Preble Co., OH.

15.              v.    ISAAC COOK, b. Abt. 1743, Chester Co., PA; d. April 1794.

                  vi.    MARY COOK46, b. 174746; m. (1) JAMES TOWNSEND46, April 06, 1775, Union Co., SC47,48; m. (2) RALPH HUNT48, January 03, 1793, Union Co., SC49,50.



Marriage: April 06, 1775, Union Co., SC51,52



Marriage: January 03, 1793, Union Co., SC53,54


16.            vii.    AMOS COOK, b. Abt. 1749, Craven, SC.

                viii.    JOHN COOK54, b. 175154; d. November 15, 179755,56; m. OLIVE SMITH56, August 01, 1793, Union Co., SC57,58.



Marriage: August 01, 1793, Union Co., SC59,60


17.             ix.    ANN COOK, b. Abt. 1753.



5.  THOMAS2 COOK (PETER1)60 was born August 29, 1704 in Norwich, Cheshire, England60, and died 1752 in London Grove, York, PA60.  He married MARY UNDERWOOD60 July 28, 1730 in London Grove MH; Chester Co., PA60.  She was born Abt. 1710 in New Castle, Delaware60, and died 1794 in South Carolina ?60.


Notes for THOMAS COOK:



Thomas Cook, a twin, came to America in 1713 with his parents.


In 1745 Thomas Cook contributed to help establish a monthly meeting at Warrington, York County, Pennsylvania.  There in 1747 he was reproved by the Newberry Meeting for drinking spirituous liquors, and John Day was appointed to oversee him.


Apparently he died before 1758 as Mary Cook, widow, late of Pennsylvania, at New Garden Monthly Meeting in North Carolina, married Joseph (Wels) Wells of Cane Creek Monthly Meeting, on May 27, 1758.  On July 1, 1758 she went with her children, Isaac, Mary and Thomas, to Cane Creek Monthly Meeting, Orange (now Alamanse) County, North Carolina.  On December 4, 1773 she returned to New Garden, but we do not have the date of her death. -- One Ladd's Family; Ruth Kline Ladd, 1974.



Residence: 1713, USA60

Twin: Abraham Cook60





In the New Garden MM records, she is described as "widow, late of Pennsylvania".



Marriage: July 28, 1730, London Grove MH; Chester Co., PA60



18.               i.    ABRAHAM3 COOK, b. November 1731, York, PA; d. January 08, 1793, New Garden MM, NC.

19.             ii.    SARAH ANN COOK, b. October 12, 1732, York, PA; d. December 02, 1795, New Garden MM; Guilford, NC.

                  iii.    RUTH COOK60, b. 1737, York, Pa60; m. WILLIAM COLLINS60, May 25, 175860.



Marriage: May 25, 175860


                  iv.    ALEXANDER COOK60, b. 1740, York, Pa60; d. February 23, 1805, Deep River MM; Guilford, NC60.

20.              v.    ISAAC COOK, b. 1743, York, Pa; d. January 15, 1820, Silver Creek MM; Union, IN.

21.             vi.    JACOB COOK, b. Abt. 1746.

22.            vii.    MARY COOK, b. Abt. 1749, Warrington, York Co., PA.

23.          viii.    THOMAS COOK, b. Abt. 1751; d. February 23, 1805, Deep River MM; Guilford, NC.



6.  MARY2 COOK (PETER1)60 was born March 22, 1709 in Tarvin, Cheshire, England60, and died January 17, 1784 in Craven, Union Co, SC60.  She married THOMAS COX60 September 21, 1730 in South Carolina60.  He was born Abt. 1694 in New Castle Co., DE61,62.


Notes for MARY COOK:



[at New Garden MM,PA on 24 2M 1731 Thomas Cox and his wife Mary (formerly Cooke) condemn their misconduct of civil marr.(mcd); settled sometime after 1760 in Craven co,SC]


Notes for THOMAS COX:



THOMAS1 COX,--yeoman, of London Grove, Chester Co., perhaps a son of John and Rachel Cox, of New Castle Co., Del.; bought 150 acres of land in London Grove, of Tobias Collett and Co., or the London Company, Mar.  14, 1722; m.  (1) 9 mo.  2, 1722,Elizabeth, daughter of John and Martha (Taylor) Fincher, at Friends' Meeting, London Grove, (2)1730, "with License by ye priest,"

Mary, daughter of Peter and Elinor (Normand) Cooke; sold property in Chester Co., 1733, and removed with his family, "over the Susquehanna," to what is now YorkCo., where he was granted a tract of 200 acres on which he settled; owned other land in the samecounty; a witness at the first Friends' marriage in York Co., 5 mo.  29, 1740, and again, at themarriage of his daughter, Rebecca,"

at ye house of William Garretson," in Warrington, 22d of 8 mo.,1740; removed, about 1759, with his wife and younger children to North Carolina; perhaps a brother ofJohn Cox, also of York Co., whose descendants are numerous in North Carolina.  (See Thomas Cox,of Wayne Co., N.  C.); children: first marriage--i.  Rebecca, ii.  Isaac, iii. Elizabeth;second marriage--iv.  Mary, v.  Peter, vi.

Harmon (?) and others.


--The Cox Family in America; George William Cocks, October 1912


More About THOMAS COX:

Residence: Aft. 1760, Craven, SC62



Marriage: September 21, 1730, South Carolina62


Children of MARY COOK and THOMAS COX are:

                    i.    ELIZABETH3 COX62, b. Abt. 1734, Chester Co., PA62; d. October 15, 1795, Newberry, SC63,64; m. DAVID JENKINS64, May 14, 1754, Warrington MM, Chester Co., PA65,66; b. Abt. 1732, Berks, PA66; d. March 13, 1807, Elizabeth, Montgomery, OH67,68,69.



Marriage: May 14, 1754, Warrington MM, Chester Co., PA70,71


                   ii.    MARY COX71, b. Abt. 1735, York Co., PA72,73.

                  iii.    PETER COX73, b. Abt. 173773; m. DEBORAH MADDOCK73; b. 174173.

24.             iv.    THOMAS COX, b. Abt. 1740, York Co., PA; d. May 14, 1821, Warren Co., OH.

                    v.    RICHARD COX73, b. Abt. 175073.

                  vi.    ANN COX73, b. Abt. 175273.