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Brick Chapel Cemetery Photos

Brick Chapel Cemetery

Entrance Sign

Dorothy Louise O'Hair b.1925 visiting the grave of her great great great grandmother

Elizabeth Tribbett O'Hair Monument

Elizabeth Tribbett O'Hair b.1768 d.1839

Michael O'Hair b.1757 d.1813 Plaque he's burried in Hazel Green, KY in unmarked grave.

Louise O'Hair Darnall b.1890 d.1968

Gladys O'Hair Files b.1900 d.1949

Lee Hathaway b.1897 d.1916

Ida Hathaway b.1867 d.1939

??ma?? Hillis b.1883 d.1894

Abraham T. Hillis Monument

Abraham T. Hillis b.1845 d.1921

Albert S. Hillis b.1876 d.1885

Clifford R. Hillis b.1902 d.1987

Enid E. Hillis b.1905 d.2000

Eddie Hillis b.18?? d.18??

George B. Hillis b.1828 d.1899

Elizabeth Scobee b.1837 d.1907

George Cooper Hillis b.1914 d. 1915

George H. Hillis b.1870 d.1935

Henry Ross Hillis b.1910 d.1964

H. H. Hillis b.1840 d.1900

Sarah E. Hillis b.1839 d.1919

James Milton Hillis b.1853 d.1908

Martha L. Hillis b.1856 d.1935

Jennie Hillis b.1881

John H. Hillis b.1877 d.1946

A. Nettie Hillis b.1882 d.1966

Lou Emma Hillis b.1854 d.1941

Maggie C. Hillis b.1874 d.1959

Roscoe Milton Hillis b.1892 d.1951

Alma Sutherlin Hillis b.1892 d.1985

Roy Hillis Hillis b.1878 d.1963

Clyde Hathaway Hillis b.1878 d.1957

Raymond L. Nelson b.1886 d.1953

Ethyl O'Hair Nelson b.1885 d.1972

Albert S. O'Hair b.1862 d.1941

Alice O'Hair b.1815 d.1905

Caroline E. O'Hair b.1854 d.1924

Amelia Pearl O'Hair b.1882 d.1969

Anson Guy b.1877 d.1933

Artie O'Hair b.1886 d.1974

Nettie M. O'Hair b.1888 d.1962

Reva A. Cox b.1912

Ronald D. Cox b.1902 d.1994

Bascom O'Hair b.1837 d.1916

Bascom R. O'Hair b.1884 d.1958

Stella E. O'Hair b.1883 d.1979

Caroline Davis O'Hair b.1885 d.1971

Carroll Ray O'Hair b.1875 d.1942

Cha. H. O'Hair b.1858 d.1935

Clarence M. O'Hair b.1867 d.1912

Emma G. Henry O'Hair b.1868 d.1945

Clarence M. O'Hair-Daughter

Delbert Jean O'Hair b.1911 d.1911

Durbin Landes O'Hair b.1903 d.2000

Margaret Mary O'Hair b.1908 d.1999

Earl Eastes O'Hair b.1883 d.1973

Stella Wray O'Hair b.1886 d.1964

Edna C. O'Hair

Elbert Wayne O'Hair b.1911 d.

Nadene Marietta O'Hair b.1916 d.1985

Elizabeth Torr O'Hair b.1842 d.1915

Emory B. O'Hair b.1871 d.1966

Maggie May Hillis O'Hair b.1871 d.1966

Emory Carl O'Hair b.1900 d.1985

Verna L. O'Hair b.1912

Emory Carl O'Hair b.1900 d.1985

Ernest O'Hair - Son b.1918 d.1918

Ernest C. O'Hair b.1899 d.1972

Nettie G. O'Hair b.1899 d.1994

Fern O'Hair b.1891 d.1921

Forest C. O'Hair b.1892 d.1966

Reggie M. O'Hair b.1896 d.1985

Gerald Shamel O'Hair b.1929 d.1965

Gilbert M. O'Hair b.1908 d.1994

Mildred L. O'Hair b.1910

G. M. O'Hair b.1830 d.1920

Christiana O'Hair b. 1843 d.1899

Helen O'Hair b.1897 d.1900

Henry Oscar O'Hair b.1864 d.1933

Nellie Henry O'Hair b.1871 d.1931

James Elsbery b.1827 d.1920

James E. M. O'Hair b.1804 d.1899

James E. M. O'Hair II b.1918 d.1981

Iva Nolanne O'Hair b.1891 d.1955

Fred L. O'Hair b.1889 d.1973

James F. O'Hair

James Fernando O'Hair b.1855 d.1934

James M. O'Hair d.1929

Virginia L. O'Hair d.1927

Jesse W. O'Hair Monument

Jesse W. O'Hair - Baby Linda d.1944

Jesse W. O'Hair - Wife Marion H. b.1911 d.1946

John T. O'Hair b.1832 d.1879

Lawrence Clay O'Hair b.1887 d.1925

Lawrence Clay O'Hair Monument

Lou Ella Eastes O'Hair b.1863 d.1930

Louisa Matkin O'Hair b.1845 d.1931

Margaret Montgomery O'Hair b.1807 d.1849

LeRoy T. O'Hair b.1848 d.1849

Marion J. O'Hair b.1894 d.1950

Mae Keyt O'Hair b.1894 d.1978

Mary Cooper O'Hair b.1854 d.1931

May O'Hair b.1872 d.1891

Merle O'Hair b.1908 d.19?0

Neely C. O'Hair b.1883 d,1859

Oliver Clay O'Hair b.1871 d.1878

Ormond M. O'Hair b.1915 d.1983

H. Madeline O'Hair b.1919

Ormond Masten O'Hair b.1919 d.1983

Oscar J. O'Hair b.1870 d.1966

Blanche S. O'Hair b.1873 d.1959

Harry Welch b.1878 d.1959

Nellie C. Welch b.1880 d.1968

Permelia Lockridge O'Hair b.1818 d.1856

Robert D. O'Hair b.1853 d.1925

Robert D. O'Hair Monument

Robert H. O'Hair b.1896 d1989

Robert Joe O'Hair b.1935 d.1954

Ruth E. O'Hair b.1895 d.1973

Silas M. O'Hair b.1878 d.1878

Simpson O'Hair b.1841 d.1931

Rella O'Hair b.1848 d.1894

Sylvester O'Hair b.1844 d.1820

Elizabeth H. O'Hair b.1854 d.1917

Thomas E. O'Hair b.1936 d.1960

W. A. O'Hair b.1826 d.1913

Margaret A. O'Hair b.1829 d.1902

Willard Stanley O'Hair b.1915 d.1972

William Harvey O'Hair b.1858 d.1934

William Harvey O'Hair Monument

William T. O'Hair b.1868 d.1949

Mary E. O'Hair b.1870 d.1943

Basil E. Pruitt b.1899 d.1980

Ruth I. O'Hair b.1903 d.1980

Estol Leon Pruitt b.1906 d.1953

Ethel Pruitt b.1879 d.1920

Alva Pruitt b.1876 d.1966

Arizona Pruitt b.1872 d.1935

Cora H Shelton b.1867 d.1937

Gertrude O'Hair Thomas b.1869 d.1953

Alva V. Thomas b.1869 d.1940


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