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War Dept Letter



Record No. 703758.



Washington, D. C.

The name Michael O'Hair has not been found on the rolls, on file in this Department, of any military organization in service during the war of the Revolution.

It is, however, shown by the records that one Michael O'Hara (also borne as O'Harah and O'Harro) served as a private in Captain John Hay's Company, 9th Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel George Mathews, Revolutionary war. His name appears on a pay roll of the company for the months of November and December, 1776, and last appears on the pay roll for October 1777, and neither the date of his enlistment nor the date or manner of the termination of his service has been found of record, but his name appears on a "list" under the following heading: "To be deducted out of Captain John Hay's pay roll for the months of September and October, 1777, they drawing pay in the Rifle Battalion."

It is also shown by the records that one Michael O'Harow (also borne as O'Hara and O'Harro) served as a private in Captain William Henderson's Company, of Colonel Daniel Morgan's Rifle Regiment, Continental troops. His name first appears on the payroll for July 1777 and last appears on a pay roll for the period from December 1, 1777 "to the expiration of their service, with an allowance of 15 days for their going home." Neither the date of his enlistment nor the date of his discharge has been found.

It is proper to add that the collection of Revolutionary War records in this office is far from complete, and the absence therefrom of any name is by no means conclusive evidence that the person who bore the name did not serve in the Revolutionary army.


It is suggested as a possibility that additional information on the subject of your inquiry can be obtained from Adjutant General of the State in or from which your ancestor entered the service, or, if he enlisted from the state of Virginia, that information can be obtained from the Secretary of the Virginia Historical Society at Richmond, or from the clerk of the county in or from which he is supposed to have entered the service.

By authority of the Secretary of War,

(signed) F. C. Anisworth

Chief, Record and Pension Office.