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G'castle Reunion 1896



From the Greencastle Newspaper

of August 19, 1898.

"The annual reunion of the O'Hair family occurred on Thursday Aug. 18, the place of meeting was the beautiful locust grove which stands just in front of the residence of Simpson O'Hair. The members of the family began to assemble early in the day and before the noon hour arrived a company of near one hundred was gathered. Two long tables were placed in the shade of the locust trees and loaded down with every conceivable kind of tempting food. The guests were comfortably seated before the bountiful feast, and made an heroic but unsuccessful effort to exhaust the supply. In the afternoon a formal meeting of the members of the family was called, during which an interesting program was rendered. The year's report was read by the secretary, Dessie O'Hair. A full history of the father of the family, Uncle Jimmie, was read by Miss Jennie Curtis. Several short speeches were made by visitors who were present while the singing of several appropriate songs added to the interest of the occasion. A novel feature of the day was the giving of gifts by Uncle Jimmy O'Hair to his children and some of the grandchildren. The gifts were bank checks ranging in value from $500 downward and making a total of $6,000. In presenting these gifts the aged grandfather made the statement that he had reached a point where money was of no more use to him; money loses its value when one faces the grave. A business meeting followed in which Bascom O'Hair was elected Pres. and Jennie Curtis, Sec. for the ensuing year.

The remainder of the day was spent in the enjoyment of refreshments and in playing of games. The friends remained till a late hour, thus testifying to their enjoyment of the occasion. This reunion is pronounced one of the best held by the O'Hair family in many years."





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