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Sibby Lacy


Editor's Note from Mrs. Brann.

We have now heard quite a bit about James E. M. O'Hair. About his brothers and sisters, I have been unable to get very much information. We have learned about Eleanor O'Hair Trimble from the letters and affidavits of James Greenville Trimble. Following is the information obtained about Sibby O'Hair Lacy, William O'Hair, Michael O'Hair, Jr., and Mary (Polly) O'Hair Hanks, sisters and brothers of James E. M. O'Hair.

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Sibby Lacy

Hazel Green, Ky.

Another mother in Israel has fallen asleep in Jesus.

On the night of the 20th inst., at the residence of Preston Trimble, sister Sibby Lacy, aged 88 years, passed from her earthly house to one not made with hands eternal in the Heavens. Sister Lacy was the wife of William Lacy, who was an Elder of the Christian church in Hazel Green, Ky., for over 50 years. She and her husband were among the first converts to our faith in this part of the state, under the labors of Brother John Smith, the justly honored Evangelist of the mountains of Kentucky. She was the daughter of Michael O'Hair, who emigrated from Ireland about 1775 and joined the American forces and fought under Gen. Green at Guilford C. H. and Eutaw Springs, and after the close of the Revolutionary war he was honorably discharged and came to Kentucky, where he married Miss Elizabeth Tribbett in 1792 and settled on Slate creek, now Montgomery County, Ky., where the subject of this notice was born.

She was a member of the Christian church near 60 years, in those good old days long ago, for years, she was the only doctor for miles around Hazel Green, traveling almost incessantly on missions of mercy, and her services were given without money and without price. She bore no children to her Husband but was a mother indeed to the orphaned, a number of whom she raised during her 69 years of married life. The Lord saw proper to call from her side her husband some 3 years ago. As she had always been ready to minister to the wants of those around her, before age had enfeebled her, so kind hands administered to her in her last days. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the aged lover of Jesus,


was that she was never known to speak evil of any one. She was stricken down with paralysis and for five days lay unconscious before she died. Her brother, James O'Hair, from Indiana, and her sister, Rose A. Perisho, (whom she had not seen for about 40 years) from Illinois, were on a visit to her and remained till her death. The larger portion of this community are related to sister Lacy and she had the tender care and love of the whole people, and in her affliction they waited upon her with the deepest marks of kindness and affection. The funeral services were conducted by Bros. Little, Combs, and Wm. Azbil, and a large concourse gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to this noble woman. To the many friends and relatives who mourn her loss we would say: "Sorrow not as those that have no hope," for your loss is her gain. - Sentinel.

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Vital records are found on the tombstone in the cemetery at Hazel Green, Kentucky are:

William Lacy, May 29, 1798 - June 2, 1878

Sibby, Wife of Wm. Lacy and Daughter of Michael and Elizabeth O'Hair, Feb. 4, 1794 - June 20, 1881.