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William O'Hair



William O'Hair, son of Michael and Elizabeth Tribbett O'Hair, brother of James O'Hair of Greencastle, Indiana was born in Kentucky in the year 1806. He was killed by Confederate home guards the day he was 57 years old. He married Mary Nichols of Scotch descent. To this union was born 16 children 13 living to maturity (10 boys and 3 girls), Michael, James S., William, Green, John, Huston, Marion, Leander, Harlen, Daniel Boone, Ellen, Evaline, and Sibby.

Ellen came to Greencastle when she was 13 and made her home with her Uncle James until she reached womanhood and then came to Paris and married John Brewer.

William and eight of the ten boys were in sympathy with the north, part fighting under General Sherman.