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Evalyn O'Hair




A large concourse of relatives and friends gathered Saturday afternoon at the First Christian Church to pay the last tribute of respect to Mrs. Evalyn O'Hair, venerable mother of Hon. Frank T. O'Hair and W. S. O'Hair. The casket was covered with flowers, and friends came from all over the county to attend the obsequies.

The funeral was conducted by Rev. H. H. Peters, of Bloomington, Illinois, pastor of the First Christian Church of which Mrs. O'Hair was a devoted and consistent member.

He took for his text: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

He said this was a conception God expressed in the simplest of terms. He did not say blessed are the _________. Jesus Christ did not place the ___________on intellectuality. The affection of mankind comes out of religion which is the religion of love. He did not say, "Blessed are the rich." Pure affection depends on religion. Those who depend on the dollar sign alone and make it the real issue are wrong, yet we do not discourage poverty. God is everywhere; in the chirping of birds, the voice of the angels, and in the flowers of the field.

"Aunt Evelyn", as she was known by many people, saw God in the things of life. She heard the voice of Jesus. A woman of sympathy and love. She was kind in her home and loved her children and grandchildren.

Rev. Mr. Peters read "Lead Kindly Light," in the beginn­ing of this discourse, and closed with "Abide With Me."

The following acted as pallbearers: Messrs. Will Miller, Sam Preston, R. S. Lloyd, Adin Baber, Bernie McClain and James Swango.

Among those present from out of town were Harvey O'Hair, William Frazier, Bushton, Illinois, Mrs. Pratt Foreman and daughter, Andrew Newman, Donald James and A. J. Craig of Char­leston, and Fred O'Hair of Greencastle.