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Bible Records


The following is copied from a bible published in 1836, Brattleboro: Published by Fessenden & Co., and in the possession of Mrs. C. Gerald Brann of Bloomington, Indiana.

James E. M. O'Hair and Margaret Montgomery were married March 5, 1825

James Curtice and Eliza J. Ohair was joined in matrimony Sept 15th A.D. 1863

Henry H. Hillis & Sarah E. Ohair was married February 26th A.D. 1867

James A. Curtis and Celina O'Hair were joined in matrimony April 4, 1873

Sylvester G O'Hair and Lizzie A. Hammond were joined in matrimony Sept. 15th 1874

Simpson O'Hair and Rela Hillis were joined in matrimony Oct 27th 1869

James E. M. Ohair was born July 5th 1804.

Margaret Montgomery was born Dec 6th 1807 died Aug 11th 1849

Wm. A. Ohair was born Jan 8th 1826

James E. Ohair was born Nov 13th 1827

Greenbury M. Ohair was born Jan 20th 1830

John T. Ohair was born Apr 22nd 1832

Eliza J. Ohair was born Dec 21, 1834 died Mar 5, 1869

Bascom Ohair was born June 18th 1837

Sarah E. Ohair was born Sept 2nd 1839

Robert S. Ohair was born June 30, 1841

Selina G. Ohair was born Oct 9th 1843

Silvester G. Ohair was born Oct 31st, 1845

Leroy Taylor Ohair was born Oct 13th 1848 died Aug 1st 1849


Robert L. O'Hair was born June 30th 1853

Margaret P Ohair was born in the year 1855 July 23rd

Wm. Gibson was born in Yourk Co Pennsylvania Nov 22nd 1771 and died on Oct 25 1845 lacking 27 days of being 74 years old

Eliz Morrow was born in South Carolina December the 22 1773 being married 51 years and 16 days

Wm Gibson and Eliz Morrow was joined in the bonds of matrymony on the 9th of October 1794

Elizabeth Gibson departed this life July the 30, 1850

Lizabeth E. M. Mc Lintic departed this life Oct 28 1867 age about fifty one years

Michal O'Hair died March 17th 1875, age 72 years June 1875

Sarah Miller died June 28th 1875 aged about 90 years

Wm. Hanks departed this life Nov. 13th 1875

J. A. Curtis died May 31, 1917

The following bible records are copied from a bible in the possession of Mrs. C. Gerald Brann of Bloomington, Indiana. The bible was published "New York: American Bible Society, instituted in the year MDCCCXVI. 1848."

Wm. A. Ohair and Margaret Ann Fulton was married February 1th, 1849

Wm. H. O'Hair and Mary R. Cooper was married Sept 7th, 1880

J. F. O'Hair and L. E. Eastes was married Feb 14th 1883

Joe Stoner and M. M. O'Hair was married Feb 15th 1883

H. O'Hair and N. M. Henry was married Oct 1st 1890

Wm. H. Asbury Ohair was born January 8th 1826


Margaret Ann Ohair was born November 7th 1829

Mary Margaret Ohair was born January 30th 1851

Emly Jane Ohair was born November th 22 -- 1852

Carline Elizabeth Ohair was born April 5th 1854

James Fernando Ohair was born Oct th 15 - - 1855

Laury Allis Ohair was born Febuary th 11 -- 1857

Wm. Harvy Ohair was born June the 19 1858

Marion lincon Ohair was born January th 11 -- 1860

Albert Simpson Ohair was born December the 28, 1862

Hanry Oskarr Ohair was born April th 17 -- 1864

Henry Oskar Ohair was maried the first of Oct 1890 to Neley Henry

Margaret Ohair departed this life Aug th 11, 1849

Emly Jane Ohair departed this life September th 11 -- 1853

Marion lincon departed this life April 29th 1861

Mary M. Stoner departed this life September 14th 1895

J. E. M. Ohair departed this life July 24, 1899

Eliza Jane Curtis departed this life the fifth of March 1869

Margaret Ann O'Hair departed this life Jan 29th 1902

Laura Alice O'Hair departed this life Jan 26th 1905

Wm. Asbury O'Hair departed this life June 27th 1913

Caroline Elizabeth O'Hair departed this life Nov. 29, 1924

Margaret Fulton wife of W. A. Ohair departed this life Jan 29, 1902


The following is copied from a bible published in 1856, New York: American Bible Society, instituted in the year MDCCCXVI, and in the possession of Bernie Tompkins, of Paris, Illinois.

Steven Ogden was born Jan 22nd A.D. 1818

Elizabeth Ogden was born the year of our Lord December the 31st 1819

Lydia Ogden was born the 25th of March 1822 A.D.

Michael Ogden was born on the 25th of Febuary A.D. 1824

Polly Ogden was born June 17th A.D. 1826

Jonathan Ogden was born on the 18th July 1828

Sybira Ogden was born on the 18th of Nov A.D. 1830

Rosann Ogden January 15th 1833 Ano nundo

William Ogden was born the 30th of Decem 1838 memenbrman

Jessee Ogden April 18th 1837

Sarah E. Ogden April the 12th 1839

John P. Ogden was born January 28th 1843

John H. Tomsins was born on the 25 of Oct 1856 memento mon

Foz C. Chrisman Jan 6th 1867

H. Chester Tompkins was born February 14th 1884

Bernie Tompkins was born September the 21, 1893

Laura Tompkins was born Sept 1st 1866


The following records are copied from a bible published in 1844, New York: American Bible Society, instituted in New York, in the year 1816, Printed by D. Fanshaw. This bible is in the possession of Frank Swango O'Hair of Paris, Illinois.

Elizabeth Malcom is here December 31, 1866 the ground is hard frozen with prospects snow. I received a letter from Uncle Washington Ohair 29th Decem. 1866. Jas. S. O'Hair

January 1st, 1867 my family are all at home and as well as common this one of the coldest mornings this winter.

Cynthelia O'Hair was born May 19, 1858

James S. O'Hair & Minerva Ann Elledge was married July 5, 1846

James S. O'Hair & Polly Ann Frazier was married Apr 18th, 1861

James F. O'Hair was born December the 10th A.D. 1869

Zollie C. O'Hair & Mollie F. Swango was married March 23th 1892

James F. O'Hair & Bessie Gibbs was married Oct. 31, A. D. 1895

Zollie C. O'Hair & Bertha Wright married March 27, 1912

James Silvester Ohair was born August the 22nd A.D. 1822

Minerva his wife was born August the 10th A.D. 1823

Sanford Sylvanus O'Hair son of James S. O'Hair & Minerva his wife was born June the 10th A. D. 1850

Mollie F., wife of Zollie O'Hair was born Dec. 16, A. D. 1869

Frank Swango O'Hair, son of Mollie F, Zollie C. O'Hair was borned July 3th A. D. 1893

Zellie O'Hair, daughter of Zollie & Mollie O'Hair was born March 5, A. D. 1895

Arminta E. O'Hair, daughter of M.A. & J. S. Ohair was born October 15th A. D. 1853

Sinthelia Jane O'Hair, daughter of Minerva A. and James S. O'Hair was born May 19, 1857


Zollie Coffer O'Hair, son of Polly Ann and James S. O'Hair was born October 5th, 1863

William Pierce, son of Polly Ann & James S. Ohair was born October the 29th, 1865

Eliza Ellen daughter of Sydney & Hilery Weeden was born September the 26th A. D. 1854

James Frasier Ohair, son of Jas. S. & Polly Ann Ohair was born December 10th, 1869

Eleanor Ohair departed this life March 10th, 1852 daughter of M & L. Ohair

Minerva Ann wife of James S. O'Hair & daughter of Isaac Elledge died December 8th, 1860

Michael O'Hair died March 15, 1875

James S. O'Hair died Apr the 16, 1875

Sylvanus S. O'Hair died November the 22nd 1876

James Frasier Ohair, son of James S. & Polly Ann O'Hair was born in Isaac Elledges old residence that Brother Jack now owns this March 31st, 1875. Jas. S. Ohair

William Pierce Ohair son of James S. & Polly Ann Ohair was born on John Ogdens farm.