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This section is far from complete for so many failed to say whether or not they or anyone in the family had been in any of our Country's conflicts. Perhaps they will now come forward that we may have their names included in the Supplement Book.


O'HAIR, MICHAEL (Also spelled O'Hare, O'Harah, and O'Harro.)

He enlisted in the Continental Army and served with General Morgan's famous riflemen. He fought at Saratoga, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse and Eutau Springs. He served as Private in Capt. John Hayes Company, 9th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. George Mathews. Later he was a member of Capt. Wm. Henderson's Company of Col. Daniel Morgan's Rifle Regiment, Continental Troops under Major General Nathaniel Green. He served in this capacity until the close of the war. Pursuant to an Act of the Virginia Assembly passed November 17, 1781, he drew his final pay June 27, 1783.







FRAZIER, JONATHAN - Enlisted in the 79th Illinois Infantry, July 29, 1862 and was discharged February 18, 1863.

FRAZIER, JOHN W. --- Enlisted in the 79th Infantry- Illinois on August 7, 1862 and was discharged September 29,1862,

HILLIS, HENRY HARRISON - 4th Sergeant of Capt Rabb E, Smith Co. P.133rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. Served May 6, 1864 to Sept., 5, 1864. Discharged by reason of expiration of term of service.


LYCAN, JOHN MILTON - Enlisted with the 66th Illinois Volunteer Infantry (Sharpshooters) as a recruit on February 4, 1864. He was at the siege of Atlanta and battle of Kenesaw Mountain, and a number of severe engagements. Mustered out July 7 or 18, 1865 as a Corporal in Company E.

O'HAIR, ROBERT SIMPSON --- Volunteered July 19, 1862. Joined the 6th Indiana Cavalry. Later transferred to Co. C of the 71st Regiment of Indiana Infantry. He was a Corporal under Captain J. H, Sands. He was a prisoner of war in the Andersonville Prison at Andersonville, Georgia. Picture and discharge appears on page 270 and 271.

O'HAIR, JOHN (son. of William and Polly Nickell O'Hair) was in Sherman's March to the Sea.

O'HAIR, _______ It is said that eight of the ten boys of William and Polly Nickell O'Hair were either Northern Sympathizers or fought in the war.



BABER, ADIN Volunteer ambulance driver.

BLACK, ASA ROBERT --- 1st Lieutenant June 7, 1917 to March 11, 1918 139th Infantry March 11, 1918 to February 17, 1919 Air Service, Aerial Observer Foreign Service August 17, 1918 to February 17, 1919.

JELKE, FERDINAND FRAZIER - Enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, July 14, 1917, as a private; later was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, and was honorably discharged, April 5, 1919. He was decorated by the French Government with the Legion of Honor.

JELKE, JOHN F. - Ensign (P.C.) U.S. Navy, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, Washington, D.C., in 1917; in 1918 he saw overseas duty on the U.S.S. "Matsonia" and was honorably discharged after the War,



O'HAIR, GRADY - Was Captain of the Machine Gun Company of 130th Infantry Regiment. Below is a newspaper account of a meeting held in Paris, Illinois in 1951.

"The postmaster of Paris will be honored today and tomorrow for a highly successful career of a completely different type.

Grady O'Hair, Paris postmaster, will be feted for his service and ability at the annual convention of the 4th Illinois 130th Regiment Association which is meeting here this week-end.

Mr. O'Hair was captain of the Machine Gun Company of the 130 Infantry Regiment during World War I and was noted for his devotion to duty and concern f or the men in his company.

This weekend the men of his company and other former members of the U.S. Army unit honor him as one of the outstanding leaders of the organization which fought through the battles of Meuse-Argonne, Chateau Thierry, and Troyan sector in France.

Described as "very well thought of by both his men and officers", Mr. O'Hair repeatedly drew regimental and division praise for his bravery, battlefield ability, and cool-headed devotion to the safety of his men.

As commander of the machine gun company which was continually called upon to reinforce infantry units where the fighting was the thickest, Capt. O'Hair was in charge of 16 .30 caliber machine guns and 65 enlisted men and three officers, which included Senior First Lieutenant W. C. McKinney of Paris and Claude Austin of Effingham.

The Company was mustered at Dietrich, Illinois, near Effingham in July 1918 and shipped to Camp Logan, Texas from where it was sent overseas to France.

Men from Paris and eastern Illinois nearly filled the Company's roster, and draftees were added at Camp Logan to complete the unit strength. For Mr. O'Hair the mustering of the company was a continuation of duty to


his country. He served as a second lieutenant for several years before the war on the Mexican border. and later was regimental master sergeant in the national guard in duty preceding World War I."

O'HAIR, JOHN HENRY III - Served throughout the war as a Captain in the Army, most of the time serving in France.

SHOPTAUGH, ALBERT GLENN, SR. - Captain in the U.S. Army Infantry - May 13, 1917 to January 19, 1919.







BACHERT, CLARENCE - Served in the Infantry Division from April 12, 1941 until July 13, 1943.



BONDE, BERNARD E. - Air Corps. Now stationed in Alaska.



CRAVER, IVAN HAROLD - Entered the Army May 18, 1943. Received training at Camp Stewart Georgia as a power plant operator and mechanic. Served 18 months in Europe. He received W/2 BRONZE Stars, Good Conduct Medal, World War II Victory Medal, American Theater and E.A.M.E. Theater Decorations. He was discharged December 30, 1945.

** CROUCH, JOHN EDWIN Killed in Puerto Rico April 11, 1955


DAWES, CARRELLO. - Entered the Navy on April 12, 1944 and served 18 months in the Asiatic Pacific Theater, as storekeeper, he was discharged February 23, 1946 as 3C sv6 U.S.N.R.

DEAN, BENJAMIN HENRY - #570369 U.S. Marine Corps, entered the Marine Corps on September 25, 1944. Received training at Paris Island, South Carolina and Camp Lejune, North Carolina. Placed in the Replacement Draft. Went overseas on April 14, 1945 where he joined the 3rd Marine Division on Guam in May 1945. Served in the 12th Marines, 3rd Division Heavy Artillery. December 10, 1945 Left Guam for China where he joined "A" Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Division of the 11th Marines, Heavy Artillery. He landed near Peiping where "A" Company was doing duty with the 1st Battalion of 7th Marines Infantry at Chin-Wong-Tau where he did Occupational duty near the Great Wall of China. Upon the return to the United States he entered Great Lakes Naval Hospital due to a loss of hearing received in the Artillery. He was discharged November 15, 1946.


GOSS, ROBERT WILLIAM Served in the Maritime Commission in World War II and after graduating from college in 1950 served as Lieutenant in U.S.A.F. in United States and French Morocco. Now with the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

HILLIS, DWIGHT NORMAN Major, United States Air Force. Entered the Air Force January 6, 1943, Served in the China-Burma-India theater in WWII, was discharged as 1st Lieutenant in November 1946, Transport pilot in China. Entered active duty as Captain, April 1950, flew a combat tour as bomber pilot in the Korean War,
1950-1951, Presently a Major, flying B-47, six engine jet bombers and is Base Operations Officer at McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kansas.




JARRETT, HAROLD EUGENE --- Enlisted in the Navy in July, 1942 and was honorably discharged in October, 1945. During his participation in World War II he received a commendation medal, given by James Forrestall, secretary of the Navy, for bravery above and beyond the call of duty in the Battle of Siapan, June 17, 1944. He, also, received the American Defense ribbon and Asiatic ribbon silver and bronze stars given for six major engagements.

During the Korean War he was recalled to active duty August 1950 and was honorably discharged in May, 1951.

JELKE, CHARLES CLARKE --- Seaman, 1st Class, in the U.S. Navy Air Corps.

** JELKE, JOHN F. III - Fighter Pilot with the 96th Flying Squadron, 82nd Fighter Group, 15th Air Force, U.S.A.F., and was stationed at Foggia Field, Italy. He held the rank of First Lieutenant and completed 43 combat missions over enemy territory before he was 20 years old. Lieutenant Jelke received the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, the Purple Heart, and the European Theater Ribbon with six Battle Stars.

After the war Lieutenant Jelke lived in New York City and had been a member of the New York Air National Guard for three years, when on a routine training Flight from New York to New Orleans, on January 25, 1954, he and his plane were lost. The last radio report from him was received in the vicinity of Mobile, Alabama about 7 o'clock that evening. No trace of him or his plane was found although extensive search was made by the Air Force and Civilian Air Patrol. He was listed as "missing" January 25, 1954 and later declared "dead" by the Air Force authorities in Washington, D.C.

JELKE, MINOT FRAZIER --- Served in the 48th Armored Medical Battalion of the U.S. Army at Camp Hood, Texas, after the war.

KEE, GENEVIEVE O'HAIR Served in the WAVES January 1943 to April 1944. Active duty was at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, Naval Air Station.

KEE, WALTER A. Served in the Navy from August 1942 -October 1945. His active duty was aboard the aircraft carrier "USS Boxer".






MILES, ROBERT CLAY --- Inducted February 18, 1952, at Indianapolis, Indiana as Private E-1. Trained in Co. L. 87th Inf. Regt., Ft. Riley, Kansas. Active duty in Korea for eleven months. Honorably separated from active military service and transferred to Army Reserve for completion of eight years service on November 17, 1953, as Sergeant. Decorations included, KSM w/ 2BSS; UNSM; CIB; 1 o/s bar; Com Rib w/MP GP 226 Hq. 40th Inf. Div.

NOEL, H. M. Oil Engineer with the Standard Oil Company was loaned by his company to the U.S. Army for special duty. This comprised of making the first inspection of the Pulaski oil fields in Romania after the bombing by our services, as well as special duty Involving Inspection of army construction facilities for oil storage in Japan during the Korean hostilities. He also made other foreign surveys for the army in behalf of our facilities.

O'HAIR, CLARENCE C. - Entered the U.S. Army September 21, 1944 trained at Camp Hood, Texas. Served with the Antitank Co. of the 17th Inf. in the Asiatic Pacific. He received Asiatic Pacific Theater ribbon w/1 Bronze battle star, victory medal, good conduct medal, Army of Occupational medal in Japan. He was in Korea one year, was discharged at Fort Sheridan, Illinois November 1946.

O'HAIR, DWIGHT LEON --- Enlisted in the U.S. Navy April 13, 1937. Received his boot training at the U.S. Naval training center at Great Lakes, Illinois and was sent to the U.S.S. Saratoga, Long Beach, California where he serviced 2 1/2 years making ratings of Apprentice Seaman, Seaman 2nd class, Fireman 3rd class, Fireman 2nd class, Fireman 1st class and Machinist Mate 2nd Class. Was sent to Cuba aboard the AP Upshur and returned to Philadelphia Navy Yards and was given an honorable discharge at Washington, D.C. March 27, 1941.



O'HAIR, GAYLE KEYT Entered the Army of the U.S. on October 23, 1944 at Fort Harrison, Indiana. From his entry at Fort Harrison he was moved to Camp Shelby, Mississippi where he received his 2nd stripe of Corporal. Later was sent to Hattiesburg, Mississippi until the last of March 1944. Shipped from New York the 1st of January 1945 to the port of France, and moved with the 65th Infantry Division under the 3rd Army command through France on to Germany down to Austria, meeting the Russians on the Ends River at the wars end. During combat he was given the rank of Tec. 4 or Tec Sergeant. Was honorably discharged March 15, 1946 from the separation center Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Summary - Radio Operator Low Speed Served with Battery B, 869th Field Artillery Battalion in the European Theater of Operations. Operated a radio to communicate between the observing post, and, the fire control station of a field artillery battery. Called back fire orders, and target designation to the gun batteries from the outpost.

O'HAIR, HUSTON HARDING - Entered R.C.A.F. June 1940 and served later in R.A.F. Transferred to U.S.A.A.F. January 1944 in London, England and returned to the States Christmas 1944. Separated from service September 1945. Ranked as Flight Lt. and acting Squadron Leader. Spent entire overseas period as single engine fighter pilot.


O'HAIR, JAMES MELVIN - Entered the U.S. Army August 5, 1952, trained at Camp Pickett, Virginia, as Medics. Sent to Camp Letterman Army Hospital, California January 1953. Served in Pusan, Korea as Medic and Cook until discharged July 13, 1954 as Sgt. He received 2 Bronze stars

O'HAIR, JOHN D. Discharged from the army on December 17, 1956.


O'HAIR, MAX JASPER Entered Service February 18, 1952, was sent to Camp Gordon, Georgia for basic training. Advanced Infantry training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina Leadership School at Camp Gordon and spent remainder of the time as an instructor. Discharged Feb. 17, 1954.


O'HAIR, ORMOND - Was inducted on April 12, 1941 and served until October 3, 1945. Eleven months of this time was spent overseas. He supervised a mobile tank destroyer unit and its crew of five enlisted men in preparation for combat duties. He was advanced to Platoon Sergeant in charge of four destroyer units and led them in the European Theatre in France and Germany with the 1st and 9th Army. He was wounded on February 24, 1945 and later returned to active service in the same area.

** O'HAIR, ORVILLE STOTTS - Enlisted in R.C.A.F. September 17, 1941. Was given rank of Sergeant in February 1942. Sent overseas in March 1942. Given rank of Flight Sergeant in December 1942. Lost his life in raid on Essen, Germany, January 13, 1943. Buried in Grave 31 in Bokum Cemetery, Krefeld, Germany. His serial number was R 125 941. Reinterred - British Military Cemetery, Cleve, Germany. Medals 1939-45 War Medal; 1939-45 War Star Defense Medal; The Air Crew Europe Star; Canadian Voluntary Service Medal; Silver Cross from the King.

O'HAIR, RICHARD CHESTER Served as an enlisted man from the 18th of June, 1943 to 23rd June, 1944 and was commission ed to Second Lieutenant on the 24th of June, 1944 at which time he held the grade of Sergeant in the Cavalry. He was discharged on the 22nd of June, 1946 with the rank of First Lieutenant. He was awarded the Purple Heart, European Theater Medal with three battle stars, American Theater Medal, Army of Occupational "Germany" Clasp, and the World War II Victory Medal.

O'HAIR, WILLARD STANLEY --- Active Duty: - February 7, 1942 to February 20, 1946. Overseas Duty (Central and South Pacific) January 1, 1944 to November 7, 1945. Battles and Campaigns --- New Guinea, Southern Philippines, Luzon, P.I. Decorations: Asiatic Pacific Service Medal, Philippines Liberation Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, American Campaign Service Medal. Captain Willard Stanley O'Hair, Executive Officer, 1st Battalion, 152nd Infantry Regiment, 38th (Indiana) Division, U.S. Army.



PORTER, WILLIAM E. - Sworn into the Navy on May 27, 1944, After six weeks training at Great Lakes was sent to California and immediately put on the ship "General Hugh L. Scott". Saw duty at New Hebrides Island, New Caledonia, Eniwetok, Ulithi and Saipan. After two years of South Sea Duty he was discharged on January 10, 1946.

** RHOADS, ROY LEO Killed in Germany in 1945.


ROBINSON, MARVIN - Enlisted in the Army June 8, 1942 and was attached to the 32nd General Hospital of the Medical Corps. They served in the States until September 5, 1943 at which time they were sent to the European Theatre of Operations, where they served in Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes and the Rhineland. He returned to the States and was discharged from active service November 13, 1945.

SHOPTAUGH, DR, ALBERT GLENN --- Capt. Medical Corps. U.S. Air Force --- July 1, 1953 to present. Was stationed in Germany for awhile.

SHOPTAUGH, FRANKLIN RANEY - Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S Navy -- November 11, 1953 to October 15, 1956.


SMITH, ALBERT E. JR. -- Captain in the Air Corps for the duration of the war.

SMITH, GORDON (Stepson of Lucille O'Hair Smith) Served throughout hostilities in the Air Corps in the second world war and is now on special duty with the head of the public relations division of the Air Corps in the Pentagon as a Lt. Colonel.

SMITH, SGT. LAWRENCE D. - Enlisted in the U.S. Army September 21, 1948. He has served in the Panama Canal Zone, Korea and at present is with the 2nd Armored Division in Germany.

SMITH, RONALD ALBERT --- Served three years in the Navy in the Pacific.


STEPHENS, CLAUDE POWELL JR. Captain of Ordnance throughout World War II, most of the time in Europe.

STEPHENS, JOHN FREDERICK II -- Military Service began in August, 1941 when he was ordered to active duty with Flying Training Command, Randolph Field, Texas as 2nd Lt Assignments within command at Muskogee, Okla., Hays, Kansas, Denton, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas and Liberal, Kansas as Base Adjutant and Personnel Officer. Attended Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and Air Force Staff School, Washington, D.C. . Assigned to Hqs. Air Transport Command, Washington, D.C. and as Chief, Organization Planning Field Section was responsible for organization and manning of ATC bases in North Atlantic Division, North African Division, and South Atlantic Division. Relieved from active duty as Lt. Colonel March 1946.



** Denotes the fact that they lost their lives while in military service.