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K R O'Hair Book

Michael o'hair




of  the




by K. R. O'HAIR


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A few years ago, I was able to obtain a copy of a book about Michael O'Hair 1749-1813 prepared by K. R. O'Hair.  The book has long since been out of print.

It seemed a shame to let this 284-page book fall into oblivion.  I know how thrilled I was to get the one I have.  I borrowed it from my mother.  She can still use the book, if she comes to my house. 

I have intended to scan and convert it to web pages, but the scanning task was such a put-off that I only thought about it for a couple of years, never actually doing anything. 

Enter Mr. Robert Taylor

Robert volunteered to do the scanning and converting to MS Word documents.  Although I privately questioned his sanity, I nevertheless immediately sent him a photocopy of the book.  True to his word, he relentlessly (and meticulously) pursued the task faster than I could do the HTML conversion even though his work made the task quite easy.  (I'm trying to convince him that I had the tougher task, so don't tell him otherwise).  Regardless, if you read the book here, your thanks go to Robert Taylor.  It wouldn't have happened without him.

I have tried to be true to the original.  Mr. O'Hair was a learned man, so there probably won't be any mispellings, but if there are, they will be left as is.

If a correction must be made, it will be heavily documented and footnoted and both the original and the change will be shown.  Think of a book with written notes in the margin and additional documents stuffed in between the pages and you will get the picture.

If you, the reader, find any changes that need to be made, e-mail me with an explanation of what needs to be changed and why.  Send me something to include in the change footnote so that others and I will have confidence in the authoritative nature of the change.  A scan of an original document would be excellent. 

If you have photos of some of the oldsters that Mr. O'Hair references, I would greatly appreciate a scanned copy of it.  Make the resolution at least 600 dpi x 600 dpi.  When I get it, I will post it.


John Everett (O'Hair) Reckel