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1749  -  1813


By K. R. O'Hair

K. R. O'Hair (great great grandson of Michael O'Hair), was born in Paris, Edgar County, Illinois Jan. 9, 1887. His parents were Herschel B. and Lizzie L. O'Hair. He was of the third generation of O'Hairs born in Edgar County. His great-grandfather, John O'Hair (a son of Michael O'Hair) settled in Edgar Co. in 1830. K. R. O'Hair was a successful businessman in Paris, Illinois from 1912 until his retirement in 1971. He also has been active during his entire adult life in public service. He was married June 18, 1912 to Myrle L. Lycan, a member of the D.A.R. They have two children and six grandchildren.

He has made free use of the works of many authors in the hope that his book will prove to be both interesting and informative. He accumulated eighty-four additional books for his own library during his research. He has collected much information relative to the historical events during the lifetime of Michael in Ireland, Virginia and Kentucky, including records of Michael's service in the Revolutionary War. He was fortunate to have obtained several very old and rare books, such as: "Census of Ireland - 1659"; "The Annals of Ireland, Translated from the Original Irish of The Four Masters" by Owen Connellan,


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published in 1845; "Records of Augusta County, Virginia - 1745-1800"; "Irish Names and Surnames," by Rev. Patrick Woulfe, Priest of the Diocese of Limerick, Ireland; "The George Rogers Clark Papers - 1771-1781." This information was collected over a period of five years.  Research was done at the Virginia State Library at Richmond; Fincastle, the county seat of Botetourt County, where Michael first lived when he came to America from Ireland; The D.A.R. Library at Washington, D. C.; Yorktown, Va.; Valley Forge, Pa.; Vincennes, Ind. Many fact finding trips were made to Floyd, Morgan and Wolfe Counties in Kentucky; and to Frankfort, the State Capital of Kentucky.

The author was unable to make a personal trip to Ireland; however, he sent two of his grandsons to Ireland for the purpose of locating members of the O'Hair family and obtaining information from the family and from public records. These two grandsons were Captain Richard F. O'Hair of the U. S. Air Corps, and Richard Z. Gumm, a student at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. They obtained much useful information; however, many public records were not available, having been destroyed by fires at Dublin and Belfast. Most church records did not begin until after 1800, and no written family records were located. Some of the information obtained was verbal.

The book has been completely indexed and contains the names of nearly three hundred fifty people in addition to the names of members of the O'Hair family.