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Reckel Genealogy

Hans Röckel
  Nikolaus Röckel II
 (1831 - 1898)

The American Röckel/Rökel/Roeckel/Reckel family originated in Trulben, Germany.  Trulben is near the French border and south of Frankfurt and west of Stuttgart.  It is near the city of Pirmasens.  The two brothers, Johannes and Andreas Röckel immigrated to Philadelphia around 1880.

Their parents were Nicholas Rökel II and Anna Maria Kupper.  The English spelling was Roeckel when the umlaut was not used.  Letters from Germany to Andreas contained both variations.  In all variations, it was pronounced "Reckel" as in "freckle".

Envelope dated 1898/02/21   Addressed:  Mr. Nikolaus Rökel II  ---   Trulben near Pirmasenz, Reihnffalz, Bayernn, Deutchland

Andreas had served a hitch in the German army. The country was gearing up for war and he was going to have to go back into the army. Andreas was 20 and Johannes was 14 at the time. Andreas's son, John Reckel, related that his father had told the story that he and Johannes were sitting under a tree watching a column of soldiers march by. He said the soldiers were sweating like race horses. They decided it was time to go. The two swam across a river to get to France. They eventually made their way to England. Andreas worked his way over on a cattle boat as a stockman to get to America. Johannes stowed away on the same boat and was caught.  He was made to wash dishes to pay his way.  At the port of entry in Philadelphia, it was required for immigrants to have $100.00 before the could gain entry. This was apparently to keep out the indigent.  Between the two, they had only one hundred.  One brother took all the money and gained admission.  He then handed the money through the fence to the other brother who then used it again to gain his entry.  They ended up in Indianapolis, Indiana where Andreas worked as a stable hand at the Fletcher estate (of the American Fletcher National Bank family).

John Reckel appears in the 1890 Census living at 595 Madison Avenue with Jacob and Anthony Roeckel.  Jakob and Anton were 2nd cousins 1x removed to Andreas and Johannes.

Jakob and Anton retained the English variation of his last name, Roeckel, becoming Jacob Roeckel and Anthony (Tony) Roeckel.  Andreas and Johannes changed to Andrew Reckel and John Reckel. 

Andreas was married at Sacred Heart Church in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 30, 1885 to Julia Ann Bach.  He and Julia are buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Indianapolis.

Andreas bought 30 acres, 10 acres at a time, and farmed it as "truck garden" on Bluff Road.  Andrew worked the farm where he raised vegetables and trucked them to the Farmer's Market  in Indianapolis and sold them.  The farm now lies under the I-465 interstate highway.

Andrew's children were:

Elizabeth Reckel
John Reckel
Mary Ann Reckel
Julia Ann Reckel

Johannes married at Sacred Heart July 20, 1897 to Anna Hammes.  He had 2 daughters, names unknown.  He is buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Indianapolis, but I have been unable to find either the headstone or any record of it.  I know of it because of testimony of Francis Reuter.  Anna is probably buried there, too, but I have been unable to verify that.

Jakob owned three lots on Shelby St. at McDougal St.  He built a house on the middle lot. He later sold the other two lots to pay medical bills incurred for his wife, Phillippine.  Jacob and Phillippine are also buried at St. Joseph Cemetery.

Jakob's children were:

Frances Catherine


Anthony Roeckel moved to West Bend, Wisconsin, married Thecla ? and had 5 children.  He and Thecla are buried at Union Cemetery, Washington County, Wisconsin.